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The Big Yellow Book

Seeing the World from Both Oculars-- a Bananaslug's Journal

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Book Review: Sarah A. Hoyt writing as Sarah Marques-- Sword and Blood...Five Stars
In a new twist on The Three Musketeers, Hoyt, writing as Sarah Marques,(from Naked Reader Press ebooks) creates a world that is creepy beyond belief. In her prequel novella, First Blood she shows us a world of the 17th century in which the human race has been probably fatally menaced by the arise of vampires. She explains that treasure hunters or some such, opened a tomb in Eastern Europe, and suddenly Europe is filled with bloodsuckers and their Judas Goat human hangers-on. In the novel, Sword and Blood she paints a blood-tinged portrait of people at their most stressed, doing what they need to do to survive, and survive honorably.
The story is dark, menacing, and essentially heroic-- in keeping with Hoyt's newly proclaimed "Human Wave" in Science Fiction. Her musketeers, and young D'Artagnan (whose parents have been killed and sucked dry by vampires and who stood outside in the sunlight so they would be utterly destroyed), fight what seems to be a losing fight against incredible, insurmountable odds. To give you more of the plot would make my electronic snerk collar start to choke me...so go buy the books-- the novella, First Blood as well as the novel Sword and Blood. I give this series five stars already.