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The Big Yellow Book

Seeing the World from Both Oculars-- a Bananaslug's Journal

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About saving the world...
As many of you know, in my day job, I am the Editor-in-Chief of the award-winning B2B magazine and website http://www.controlglobal.com. I wrote in my Aapril editorial about what I call "The League of Competent People" -- who I described as the "Sons of Martha" after Rudyard Kipling's poem. You can read the editorial on http://www.controlglobal.com when the April issue is posted, or you can read another version of it on http://community.controlglobal.com/content/solutionism-and-league-competent-people-kipling-pauto-dowchemical-mfg-manufacturing-automati

Here we are all Sons of Martha...the quietly competent people who make the world work. We aren't financiers or big bankers, or big politicians...they are in a way, parasites on the world and the culture that we Sons Of Martha keep trying to maintain and grow. We are the ones that, when we finally become enraged, take steps to finish the argument permanently.

Sarah A. Hoyt blogged about the end of the world, and said she hoped we could survive the current maelstrom of concurrent social, political and technological change without the bloodshed the Industrial Revolution caused...but that she didn't think it was going to be likely.

Unfortunately, I find myself agreeing with her. We have become as polarized politically and socially as we were in 1860, and look what happened. I profoundly hope we aren't facing a bloody revolution, but we may well be. And we should remember that revolutions always eat their young.

It is up to us, the Sons of Martha, to see to it that as many of us globally as possible survive to help us rebuild the world. I posted earlier about my being without a party. Maybe those who mostly agree with me will join together to help. In my editorial, I noted that we needed to save the world one bit at a time.

So when do we start?

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After the November elections. I think that what we need to save the world from may change, or at least become more clear.

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