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The Big Yellow Book

Seeing the World from Both Oculars-- a Bananaslug's Journal

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Holy Greep, Batman! A whole year without a post!
All I can say is I been busy.

Since I posted the review of Haint, by Joy Ward , I've been all over the world, from England to Germany to Taiwan and Japan and back, and I've written a lot on my other blog,

And personally, I've been busy too. My friendship with Joy turned into a very strong relationship, and then to love, and to engagement. Joy and I are going to be married in the spring of next year.

In December, I wondered what I could get a woman who I thought was stunning and very cool as a Christmas/Solstice/Festivus/etceterus present (she's pagan, and so pretty much am I) so it didn't matter really what I called it. I cudgeled my head (owww!) and came up with an idiotic idea. I'd write her a story.

If you follow me at all, you know that I mostly write science fiction of the alternate history type, and usually in the 1632verse. So I decided to write a story in the 1632verse for Joy as a present. I researched Weimaraners (if you'd go buy Haint, by Joy Ward you'd know why)and found out that they were a late addition to the breed book, probably bred sometime in the early 1800s. (image of lightbulb!) I wrote a story called "It's Just a Dog" about Albrecht of Saxe-Weimar getting his dog handlers to breed him some Weimaraners in the 1630s instead. They do it from a calendar of William Wegman photographs Duke Albrecht bought in Grantville...

Joy loved it. She thought it was very romantic. (grin)

And if you subscribe to the Grantville Gazette, you can read it in GG41 out this month. You can also download GG41 from Baen Books in a variety of ebook formats for Kindle, Nook, your computer, etc. Visit Baen Ebooks for details.

I expect I will be posting here MUCH more regularly.

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I have all 46½ issues of the Grantville Gazette so far, so guaranteed I'll be picking up the 41-46 bundle, too. I enjoyed the first half at the aARC site.

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