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The Big Yellow Book

Seeing the World from Both Oculars-- a Bananaslug's Journal

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Review: Corruptor by Jason Cordova
Let's face it, the writing in a first novel is usually pretty rough, and that's true of Corruptor. And the writing improves steadily through the book. But that's the only reason I haven't given it 4 stars.

Cordova's idea is great (although it is shades of TRON--just in time for the sequel) and his plotting is excellent, with twists I didn't expect turning up regularly. I knew who the bad guy was, but not the villainess.

Tori Adams may be the youngest great leader anybody has ever written about, but she moves back and forth between adulthood and teenager just like a real teenager does, and it makes her a believable character. She finds herself in the hot seat, and she does well with it. She beats the game everyone is trapped in, and does it without outside assistance--like from her father, who is one of the highest officials of the software company that created the game. This was a fun read, and will likely go on my "read more than once" shelf. Buy this book. It will encourage Cordova to write more. A sequel might be interesting...hint, hint...

This book is available in dead tree edition at Amazon and Barnes and Noble and on Kindle at Amazon.com.