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The Big Yellow Book

Seeing the World from Both Oculars-- a Bananaslug's Journal

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Chambanacon 39 AAR
Eric Flint was the Guest of Honor at the 39th running of the Chambanacon last weekend. His wife Lu couldn't make it, so he asked if I wanted to go as his guest. I drove us down, to make it fair.

Chambanacon is what they call a "relaxacon" which means there isn't much programming, and what there is of it is really loosey goosey. It is really a weekend to relax with friends, meet new friends, and talk about whatever we wanted to talk about. Which, in this crowd is science fiction, space travel, fantasy, politics, authors, religion, high tech, gaming, lather rinse and repeat.

I met some fantastic folks. Bill and Brenda Sutton were Toastmaster and Fan Guest of Honor, respectively, and Brenda and the wonderful Juanita Coulson, an absolutely underrated science fiction and fantasy author and filker, who has been around fandom since way before it was cool, were in charge of a large filking contingent.

Attendance was down at Chambanacon, probably due to the economy, but there was a very strong gaming contingent that filled up all the tables in the con suite, overseen by Mike Wallis and his wife Faith, ably assisted by their scary-smart young daughter. I even played a great game with the Wallis family.

The Wallises are the con-com for a gaming convention in April in East Peoria at the campus of Illinois Central College, called Spring-Offensive, which my daughter Andrea is considering taking the Gaming Club of Waubonsee Community College to as a school activity.

"And a great time was had by all."