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The Big Yellow Book

Seeing the World from Both Oculars-- a Bananaslug's Journal

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Another Begging Bowl experiment-- www.savethedragons.nu

South African author Dave Freer is emigrating to Australia for safety and security, even though his family has been in SA for a couple of hundred years. It took several years, plus the intervention of Australian SF and F authors like Garth Nix, to get him the visa for his family. While he waited, he saved the money for getting his dogs and cats into Australia-- heavy quarantine you know.

Unfortunately, the exchange rate is heavily against him. So he has less than half the money he needs-- and his house in KwaZulu Natal is sold.

Dave had a novel that was going to be serialized in Jim Baen's Universe magazine, but since the magazine is closing, we gave it back to him to find a publisher.

Dave has decided to try another of the begging bowl experiments (a la Miller and Lee's "Fledgling" and "Saltation" and others) with this novel, a fantasy called "Save the Dragons."

We've posted the first chapter-- as Jim Baen always said, "It's book- crack, and the first taste is free." As long as he receives donations enough, he'll post each successive chapter once per week until all the chapters are online.

People who donate at least $25 US will receive an autographed copy of the book, as soon as Freer finds a publisher-- and there are additional priviledges for people who donate higher amounts, like Tuckerization, etc.

The website is http://www.savethedragons.nu

Dave's dogs and cats deserve the chance to become Aussies...


Walt Boyes
Associate Editor
Jim Baen's Universe magazine