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The Big Yellow Book

Seeing the World from Both Oculars-- a Bananaslug's Journal

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There are times when I swear companies really and truly want to commit suicide by design. I give you Microsoft (no, here, you take them...no, really...) who has done an incredibly silly thing.

The one thing Internet Explorer 7 did better than Firefox, better than Safari, was the handling of tabs, and the memory allocation for same. Because of what I do, I have a minimum of nine tabs open in my browser window at all times. Firefox doesn't like to have that many open-- there's some sort of memory leak. IE7 handled it just fine, so I moved back to IE as my default browser.

IE7, like Firefox, could remember the tab settings you had open, and re-open them on the next startup of the browser. This is, as may be expected, a really useful feature-- one of the few that IE7 handled better than Firefox did. You had this screen, when you were shutting down:

Unfortunately, the brilliant design engineers and sterling coders who made up the IE8 design team decided quite deliberately, I am told, to leave that feature out.


Can you say, "Browser Fail?" I knew you could.

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Opera has a great feature for this, convenient on the Alt-
Files menu: Manage Sessions / Manage Sessions. At any point you can Save your current tabs, giving the Session a name. Then you can reopen it from a menu of saved Sessions when you like.

(On my current version which is 9.63. And in Opera when you call up "About Opera" you can actually copy the version number to paste elsewhere!)

I'm running Firefox with a whole bunch of extensions, plugins and a custom theme:

Generated: Fri Jun 05 2009 16:59:36 GMT+1000 (AUS Eastern Standard Time)
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-US; rv: Gecko/2009042316 Firefox/3.0.10 (.NET CLR 3.5.30729)
Build ID: 2009042316

Enabled Extensions: [42]

* Adblock Plus 1.0.2
* Adblock Plus: Element Hiding Helper 1.0.5
* All-in-One Sidebar 0.7.10
* AVG Safe Search 8.5
* AVG Security Toolbar
* Better YouTube 0.4.3
* ChatZilla 0.9.84
* Cooliris 1.10
* CS Lite 1.4
* CustomizeGoogle 0.76
* CuteMenus - Crystal SVG 1.9.3
* DownloadHelper 4.4.1
* dragdropupload 1.6.8
* Fast Dial 2.22b
* Firefox Companion for eBay 1.6.11
* FireFTP 1.0.4
* Flagfox 3.3.12
* FlashGot 1.1.9
* GooglePreview 3.22
* Greasefire 1.0.3
* Greasemonkey 0.8.20090123.1
* IE Tab 1.5.20090525
* Java Console 6.0.13
* Link Alert
* Linkification 1.3.6
* Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant 1.0
* MR Tech Toolkit
* No Squint
* NoScript
* PDF Download
* ScrapBook
* Server Spy 0.1.6
* Skype extension for Firefox
* Splash 2.0.2
* SSL Blacklist 4.0.31
* SSL Blacklist Local Database 1.0.7
* Stylish 1.0.2
* Tab History 1.0.5
* Tab Mix Plus
* Tab Sidebar 2.0.1
* TADSEE 0.9.1
* VMware Remote Console Plug-in

Installed Themes: [2]

* Default
* Mostly Crystal 3.0.1

Installed Plugins: (17)

* 2007 Microsoft Office system
* Google Update
* IE Tab Plug-in
* Java(TM) Platform SE 6 U13
* Microsoft Office Live Plug-in for Firefox
* Microsoft® Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin
* Mozilla Default Plug-in
* Photosynth
* QuickTime Plug-in 7.6
* RealPlayer Version Plugin
* RealPlayer(tm) G2 LiveConnect-Enabled Plug-In (32-bit)
* Shockwave Flash
* Shockwave for Director
* Silverlight Plug-In
* VMware Remote Console Plug-in
* Windows Genuine Advantage
* Windows Presentation Foundation

At times I have over a 100 tabs open. And I usually leave my computer running and browser open 24/7. Right now the FireFox process has an cumulative processor time of over 5 days an 17 tabs open.

I can not imagine how you could possibly have problems with 9 open tabs in Firefox.

Both the build in session managment and TabMixPlus work very well for keeping your tabs open between sessions.

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