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The Big Yellow Book

Seeing the World from Both Oculars-- a Bananaslug's Journal

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DANG! Another obit: David Carradine suicides in Bangkok
The LA Times reports:

Actor David Carradine, star of the 1970s TV series "Kung Fu" who also had a wide-ranging career in the movies, has been found dead in the Thai capital, Bangkok. A news report said he was found hanged in his hotel room and was believed to have committed suicide. Read the rest of the story here.

I have always enjoyed his work-- his willingness to play, as his father John Carradine did, offbeat characters-- and his personally quirky outlook on life, Hollywood, stardom and all.

Carradine was 72. That, by itself is a shocker. Somehow I had seen him as "only a little older than me."

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I was just thinking of him today.

My grief with yours.

While I do not want to interfere with his family's privacy, I admit to feeling like he belonged to me - to us - enough to want to know what happened, why it happened, and to seek justice or consolation for him.

Actually cant beleive it. So sad. RIP

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