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The Big Yellow Book

Seeing the World from Both Oculars-- a Bananaslug's Journal

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Harlan Ellison rejects home town prize
Harlan Ellison is 75 years old. That's way too old to be an enfant terrible anymore.

According to GalleyCat, "Science fiction legend Harlan Ellison recently rejected the Cleveland Arts Prize--a lifetime achievement award from his hometown celebrating his writing career."

Ellison, reported the MediaBistro bookworld scandal blog, "was offended that he would have to pay his expenses for the trip to the ceremony, apparently calling the award 'a fraud and a sham.'"

I guess that when SFWA made him a Grand Master a few years ago, they bought his plane ticket and hotel.

With the economic situation in Cleveland right now, Harlan is lucky they didn't ask him to pay for the whole banquet.

What a maroon!

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Well, actually, if you're giving someone a lifetime achievement award and you're NOT paying his way there, I think YOU'RE the maroons.

I don't usually agree with Ranting Harlan, but in this case he's right.

There's easier ways to do that. Schedule the award for when he's going to be nearby anyway. Negotiate. Or simply say "I can't afford to attend, but thank you."

Harlan has, in my experience, never passed up an opportunity to be offensive.

Well, sure, but the concept of giving a Special Award from something the size of a friggin' CITY and being too cheap to fly the awardee in for the ceremony is ... well, worthy of mockery.

Sure, if this was the Junior Woodchuck's Local 300, with all of eight members aged 16 and younger, yeah, they have every excuse not to fly him in for the award. But if it's a major convention or anything larger (village, township, city, country), sorry, it looks cheap and cheesy.

(and if there are major conventions that act like that, then yes, they're cheap and cheesy)

Classy. Real #%#$ing classy man.

But we knew that.

It seems like this could have been settled without a public squawkfest, so I'd say someone somewhere was maroonic on this one, maybe several someones.

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