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The Big Yellow Book

Seeing the World from Both Oculars-- a Bananaslug's Journal

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Oh no, The Stupid! It burns! Illegal downloaders purchase more legal music
In an incredible display of The Stupid, EMI executives pooh poohed a study from Norway that established that people who download music illegally from P2P networks are far more likely to buy music legally online, and do so in large numbers.

From arstechnica.com in an article by Jacqui Cheng:

Study: pirates biggest music buyers. Labels: yeah, right
Those who download "free" music from P2P networks are more likely to spend money on legit downloads than those who are squeaky clean, according to a new report out of Norway. The music labels, however, aren't quite buying that data.

From the article: Those who download illegal copies of music over P2P networks are the biggest consumers of legal music options, according to a new study by the BI Norwegian School of Management. Researchers examined the music downloading habits of more than 1,900 Internet users over the age of 15, and found that illegal music connoisseurs are significantly more likely to purchase music than the average, non-P2P-loving user.

The blind lead the blinder... Record label EMI doesn't quite buy into BI's stats, though. EMI's Bjørn Rogstad told Aftenposten that the results make it seem like free downloads stimulate pay downloads, but there's no way to know for sure. "There is one thing we are not going away, and it is the consumption of music increases, while revenue declines. It can not be explained in any way other than that the illegal downloading is over the legal sale of music," Rogstad said.

Didn't EMI make their executives go to school or take intelligence tests?

Aaaaa! The Stupid! It burns!

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I warned THREE of the major companies back in around 1991-2 that the downloading thing was going to happen. They ignored it -- didn't even send back a message saying "What are you smoking" or "Thank you for your input".

I don't expect they've gotten any smarter. Their entire business model seems focused on "deny the truth" and "intimidate our customers" while "screwing our performers".

Clearly not. :)

'We are making less money, it must be their fault. Wah' Is what his argument boils down to.

They never, ever mention that fact that there is no certainty you will keep making money. There was a time they didn't exist, likely will be again.

Things change, and probability will suggest it is guaranteed you will have periods of decline. Doubt many media executives know anything about mathematics, either. ;)

Its true ya know. I wouldn't have heard or now own all the Dragonforce albums I do if it werent for dl'ing to check em out first on a P2P network. The record labels are fools. Because [especially if its a new band or one I've never heard before..I'm sorry but I'm not gonna piss away $20 or better if I haven't had a chance to listen first. and since there isn't an actual record store near me and hasn't been in 10yrs and Borders and the rest don't allow you to pick and choose to listen anymore..[B&N still might but Borders is rapidly heading up the proverbial creek without the proverbial paddle]

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