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The Big Yellow Book

Seeing the World from Both Oculars-- a Bananaslug's Journal

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eReader limits sales to US Citizens---say whut??
From Slashdot: eReader.com seems to have begun applying distribution restrictions to its library.

Posted by timothy on Sunday April 19, @10:07PM
from the geography-is-destiny dept.

An anonymous reader writes

"eReader.com seems to have begun applying distribution restrictions to its library. I first noticed that there was a FAQ page about distribution restrictions this morning. When I tried to order a few books this afternoon I simply couldn't — a large banner on the order confirmation told me the books had distribution restrictions. I checked a number of titles but it seems a large number of books are no longer available to non-US citizens like me. It is interesting to note that this policy change got implemented shortly after Barnes&Noble purchased Fictionwise. I have no idea if the new owners are behind this new policy but it seems crazy to restrict sales of ebooks. I've bought dozens of ebooks from eReader the past 4 years. I still have 15 dollar store credit but cannot buy any of the books I am interested in."

(Right now, the link that should display these new geographic restrictions returns an error message that says the page is being updated.) Sounds like Barnes & Noble is taking its cues from Apple.

So, how do you determine, from an IP address what the citizenship of a buyer is?

Somebody who had not given world rights to eReader.com must have threatened to sue.

Folks, it is a very small planet, and a very flat world. Distinctions between rights grants from USA, Canadian and Rest of World are becoming silly. If you're an author, negotiate the best deal you can for all of it. And let it go.