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The Big Yellow Book

Seeing the World from Both Oculars-- a Bananaslug's Journal

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An Idiot at the Bar
Baen's Bar has rules about "hitting" and ad hominem attack. Sometimes I wish we weren't so all-fired polite there.

A short time ago, two of my dear friends, Christine and Jody Dorsett, lost their first pregnancy...the baby's heart did not form properly, and it died.

In the "Sad News" thread, nearly a hundred people have posted condolences, and then an incredible idiot named Vernon Nemitz posted, in part,

I don't mean to sound uncaring about this,
but if getting your hopes up and then having
them shot down is so awful, then why bother
to get the hopes up in the first place?

I can't say this on the Bar, but I can say it here.

Vernon, you are an idiot and an asshole. You have no idea how much having a miscarriage hurts and you have no idea how much you have personally hurt Christine and Jody. I strongly encourage you NEVER to be in the same room with Mr. Dorsett in the future. There is a real world reason why his nom de Bar is Quilly Mammoth. For that matter, don't ever let me meet you in person. Words will definitely ensue.

You need to go immediately on the bar and pull your post, and since I know that Jody and Christine read the bar by email a lot, you had better post an apology to them for what you said.

I still can't believe that you said what you did.

Let's see now, I wonder if I can get a Victor Nemitz doll, and some real long pins...

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Mother of Pearl. What an asshat. I hope he does run into Jody at some point! I'd sell tickets ... heck, I'd buy one.

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