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The Big Yellow Book

Seeing the World from Both Oculars-- a Bananaslug's Journal

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Another one of those parenting milestones...
On Saturday, the child bought a car. She saved a bunch of money, and Betsy found the grandmother of one of her students had a 1996 Mercury Mystique GS with 150K real miles on it, that was in cherry condition on the body and the interior. It needs a new water pump and to have the timing belt replaced (estimate is $650) and they wanted $1100 for it.

So we bought the car.

It isn't a bad little car, either. Has lots of amenities that made it a luxury small car in 1996. Power seats, power windows, etc.

She's having the work done next week-- shop has to order in the parts. So for $1700 she will have a pretty good car with no rust and all the pieces work.

Not bad.

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make sure there's a small hammer in the glove box..because god forbid she should have an accident but if she does and fries the electrical system in the bargain....so long as she's not hurt she needs to be able to get out...so a small hammer to shatter the window.

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