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The Big Yellow Book

Seeing the World from Both Oculars-- a Bananaslug's Journal

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Mr. Grimace's Odyssey
Once in a while, we give up on brushing the snarls out of Mr. Grimace. He's an adopted Persian cat...

When I had only been Editor of Control for about two months, and was still commuting to Chicago from Seattle, our Operations Manager, Lori Goldberg's father passed away. Lori's partner being violently allergic to cats, Lori wasn't able to adopt her dad's cat-- and somehow a voice came out of my mouth which I swear wasn't me-- "If you can't find him a home by Friday, buy him a ticket and I'll take him home to Seattle with me."

Well, guess what. And when we moved to Aurora in 2004, Grimace made the trip too. He's become the Bubbacat of the household, and was Le Kitten's good buddy. He misses her, and is curling up with me the way she used to, just to let me know.

Grimace is not a happy cat today. He had to go in for his lion cut for springtime. I helped the groomer do him, just so I could get a look at how it is done. I have a set of clippers and maybe I could do it too. I held him and talked to him while she shaved him. Usually, the groomer leaves a little tuft on the end of his tail, but his tail was too funky and matted to be saved...so he has a long rat tail that he is swishing around highly uncomfortably.

Maybe he'll get less matted over the summer as his fur is growing back in. Right.

Grimace sends his condolences to Mr. Kennebec Merlin, who is about to undergo the same horrendous and shameful exercise according to kinzel over on rolanni's LJ.