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The Big Yellow Book

Seeing the World from Both Oculars-- a Bananaslug's Journal

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Maybe there's some light at the end of the tunnel...
One of the companies that I regularly cover, ABB, the Swiss/Swedish power and automation giant, is suddenly hiring. One of those hires is a good friend of mine, Rick Dolezal, who was laid off from his previous employer before Thanksgiving. Rick joins ABB as Manager of Channel Sales for the US for the process automation group.

Suddenly, the dam seems to be cracking. Everybody seems to have been waiting with bated breath for the stimulus program to be signed and now that it is a done deal, however good or bad, people are sucking in that air, and moving forward with the things they know they need to do anyway.

This is what everybody needs to do, not just ABB. We all need to move forward with the things we need to do. If we have too much debt, we need to start getting it paid down, without starving ourselves to do it...just like dieting, staying within our means requires training, discipline, and staying power.

But we also need to vote with our dollars, pounds, francs, pesos, yen, euros, rupees, and renminbi...or whatever YOU use for money. We need to vote for quality, sustainability (not just green (gawd, I hate that term)...but real sustainability and ethical behavior in the companies we do business with.

And those of us who live in democracies need to vote. Period. And keep voting, even when it looks like it is futile, because it isn't...the only people who can change the situation is us.

We don't need more laws, we need serious, committed enforcement of the laws that are on the books. I'd vote for a party that appropriates money for ethics and anti-fraud enforcement for the SEC and the FDA on a far higher plane than we have now.

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Oh I voted. About your music..you like Troy? :)

Yes, I confess I'm a Musik Mafia fan. I'm just off center enough to love the idea of a six-foot-five black cowboy rapper...and he's pretty good too. And I'd have voted for Kinky for Governor if I were still a Texas resident. I almost wrote, still a Texan, but I'll always be a Texan by choice, not chance, regardless of where I live.

Quite alright..I are a fan too.

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