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The Big Yellow Book

Seeing the World from Both Oculars-- a Bananaslug's Journal

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Lies or Statistics: The DTV Cutover extension
I posted something like this to my Facebook page too:

What sounds better??

Six and a half million households still have not responded to the February DTV cutover by securing either cable or a converter box.
95% of the households with TVs in the US have successfully dealt with the February DTV cutover by acquiring either cable or a converter box.

Both statistics are identical. Yet the media is reporting it in the first way. Six and a half million households will be without TV if Congress doesn't extend the cutover til June.
Whoa!! Nobody does better than 95% at almost anything. It is also clear from polls that well over 98% of the population knows the DTV cutover is gonna happen.

So, why should our legislators vote to screw the local TV stations who have prepared for the cutover, and who are now offering digital channels with additional content, and screw all the people who already prepared for the cutover?

Why would Congress want to continue the unavailability of the largest block of frequencies left to make use of?

Six and a half million households, that is, with viewers who watch the regular networks only. That's six and a half million households full of old fashioned TV viewers that it is easier to sell things to, and Neilsen rate.

Is it for the money? Is it for the ratings?

If you think this delay is silly, write your congresscritters.

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Jody and I are part of the 5%. For the amount of tv we watch, it's just not a big deal.

Two thoughts:
First, where are they getting that "six and a half million" # from? And at what level of accuracy? My bet is "GTOA, and NOT", respectively.

Second, I think a reasonable case could be made that if they DO the cutover, those remaining households will either (a) switch off the damn thing, or (b) make the cutover likety split... and the problem with be resolved.

The whole thing is stupid. But we've said we're going to do it, so, well, let's DO it.

easy Obama TOLD them to delay it. I'd have to root around to find it I expect but it out in the public domain.

How many of the people who don't have converter boxes are people who have been told there is no funding for them?

The six and a half million households

Nobody knows who these possibly mythical people are. What I think is that everybody who's going to watch television, barring a few idiots who don't listen to anybody, knows what's coming (now in June, since the Senate voted to postpone and the House will do likewise)...and has either gotten a digital TV, a converter, cable or satellite service, or has decided to do without TV. I actually know people who don't have a TV...they are nice functional people (grin).

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