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The Big Yellow Book

Seeing the World from Both Oculars-- a Bananaslug's Journal

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The Inauguration Polka
As we get ready (it's 11:39 AM in Washington, as I write this) for the Obama era, it is interesting to note that nobody is taking any chances...the motorcade from the White House to the Capitol went very quickly, and there is bullet-proof glass in front of the podium on the Capitol steps. The market is down, and everybody is waiting.

If Obama's speech is a good one, expect the markets to rise. If it is a turkey, we could see a massive sell-off. Either way, now we get to see the clash of spin versus reality.

Like I said before, Obama has consistently (since before the election, in fact) sought to lower expectations. For pity sake, they need to be. He can't wave a bunch of Executive Orders around and fix things in 30 seconds, without even leaving the Capitol podium.

We're going to need time, and sweat, and probably not only tears but lots of weeping and wailing and gnashing before we get out of this mess, both economically and socially.

The Republicrats and the Demmicans have gotten us into this mess, entirely with our connivance-- after all, who doesn't want a free lunch? It is up to us, now, to make them get us out of it...and pay the butcher's bill when it comes due, and it shortly will.

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Oh the butchers bill is going to come due in more ways than one. The economy butcher bill came due a long damn time ago..whats the current solution? Bailouts and print more money and yet another 'economic stimulus package' etc. Which of course will put us deeper in the grave than we already are that way. The 'War on Terror', which is to me a misnomer is going to be a huge butcher bill; in terms of lives snuffed out [on both sides of the fight] to actually end it.

"nobody taking any chances?" He's out of the Beast and walking towards the White House right now.

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