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The Big Yellow Book

Seeing the World from Both Oculars-- a Bananaslug's Journal

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And so I went to vote today...
Figuring I would have to fight big lines, Betsy, Andrea and I decided to go vote at 6 AM -- good thing we got there early. So did about 200 of our neighbors. The lines were long, but it was well managed, and we all voted fairly quickly and then went to breakfast at IHOP.

So, who did I vote for?

I'm generally pretty fiscally conservative and socially libertarian. I don't really care what lifestyles people have, except for when it impacts the lives and welfare of other people-- I'm not a big fan of pedophiles, Aztec Sun God worshippers, etc. And I have it bad for people who do bad things to children and animals.

So I generally wind up voting Republican.

Not this time.

I'm pretty mad. In fact, I'm really mad. The Republicans have, in less than 10 years in power, managed to make a bigger mess than the Democrats did (and theirs was a big one) in the 50 or so years they led the Congress.

They're both guilty of getting us where we are.

So I voted for Barack Obama.

I am doing so because I want something different. I don't know if I'm going to get it. As Eric Flint says, Obama is a conservative Democrat, trained in the Chicago school of pragmatic politics...and the Democratic party is a fairly conservative party as it is.

But it might be well to hope that Obama will refuse to listen to the wingnuts on both sides of him, and try to govern in the interest of all the people, not just his special friends.

We will see.

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Good luck on that hope. BTW, ran across an interesting link over on JBM. Basically, various folks have run Obama's first and second books, and a 1993 book by Ayers, through several of the plagiarism-detecting software packages. His first book was kicked back out, repeatedly, as being written by Ayers.

It's amusing. Take it with a grain of salt, but, like I said, amusing.

I am so hopeful, so hopeful. And so utterly frightened. I remember what our members have the capacity, the thoughtlessness, and the means to do when they think that their society is being attacked.

Gods I hope the guys in dark glasses have their game on!

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