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The Big Yellow Book

Seeing the World from Both Oculars-- a Bananaslug's Journal

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Rode hard, put up wet...
Dave, Betsy and me
I've been running very hard. Earlier this month, I was inducted as a technical Fellow by ISA, the International Society of Automation. In fact, by a tremendous accident of timing and alphabet, I was the very first Fellow of the International Society of Automation. This happened because ISA just changed their name that morning, and B comes before F in the alphabet, or Bob Farmer would have gotten the fleeting honor of being first.

As you can see, Dave Spitzer, my business partner at Spitzer and Boyes LLC and my wife Betsy and I all clean up pretty good. This was the first time in at least ten years that Betsy has attended an ISA function. She bought a gorgeous slinky black dress and was a real hit with the attendees.

It didn't really hit me how much of an honor this was, until I attended the Fellows Luncheon...and met all the other folks whose contributions to the science of automation are much greater than mine.

The weekend before the ISA show, I dashed to Albany NY for Albacon and the 1632 Minicon. It was great to see many of my friends who help create and maintain the 1632verse, and talk about what's coming. I was talking at a panel about the lack of replacement computers for the 1632 universe because of the inability to immediately make integrated circuits, and the Coanda effect came to mind. Rick Boatright and I fished around in our brains, and decided that it was possible to make hydraulic and fluidic based computers, using the Coanda effect to produce flop switches. Rick has written another of his "science notes" about Rev. Nick Smithson, SJ, carrying the concept far into the achievable zone. They can be made. We may make a demo unit before the next minicon.

In fact, we talked about display units. Mark Huston suggested that we build a Bellagio fountain for a display...and I have a location for a scene Eric should write that takes place in the great display room in Magdeburg, where there is a circular railing and raised walkway around a 10 foot by 12 foot liquid display...Gustav II Adolf and Mike Stearns and Oxenstierna standing above the display, while the "Swedish Bikini Computer Hacking Team" inputs data.

Reason for the title of this blog post: Monday morning, Maurice (I'll get you for this) Wilkins, vice president of Yokogawa and Chair of WBF, which used to be called World Batch Forum, simply handed me the talking stick and said, "You are facilitating the rest of this meeting." So, I did. A sixteen hour tapdance over two days, but it was terrifically successful. All of the outcome is super secret secret squirrel until the formal release, but the organization has  a new lease on life.

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congrats on the induction, bananaslug! :-)


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