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The Big Yellow Book

Seeing the World from Both Oculars-- a Bananaslug's Journal

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Sarah Hoyt's Gentleman Takes a Chance-- Great Book!!!

Sarah Hoyt's second novel in the Shifters series, Gentleman Takes a Chance not only has a better cover than Draw One in the Dark did, it is just plain a better novel. This is not to say that DOITD wasn't plenty good. In GTAC, however, Sarah really hits her stride with the characters. Kyrie, the orphan shifter who becomes a black panther, Tom, who probably would prefer to be an orphan, who is a dragon, and Rafiel Trall, the lion shifter who is a detective on the local police force are all more deeply drawn, as are even the "spearcarriers" like the relief cook, Anthony, who is a newlywed but who keeps using long shifts at the diner (the George-- St George and the Dragon, yes?) to keep his wife from driving him crazy, are real people, not cardboard. Conan Lung (for the uninitiated, "lung" is Mandarin for "dragon"), who appeared as a bad guy in DOITD becomes at least a provisional good guy in the new story.

This is a terrific urban fantasy that doesn't require gorgeous and completely unbelievable undead vampires who happen to be really good guys who fall in love with really good girls.

If you like your urban fantasy on the real and gritty side, get yourself a copy of this book.

It is currently available as an electronic ARC at Baen's www.webscriptions.net, or you can order Gentleman Takes a Chance at www.amazon.com. Gentleman Takes a Chance  ships in October 2008.