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The Big Yellow Book

Seeing the World from Both Oculars-- a Bananaslug's Journal

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Ms. Bananaslug Graduates!
Yeeeeehah! It was a near-run thing, but the girl pulled it off. She raised an F to a high C in Sociology, a C to a B in Algebra, got an A in Psychology, and finished documenting her senior project in time to graduate with her Class of 2007!

I am, of course, a very proud papa. As I have written before, Andrea is very bright, and also severely dyslexic. Until you have lived with the frustration that causes students, parents, and yes, teachers, you don't really understand how bad it can get.

Thanks are in order to Jim Baen, to Arnold Bailey, to Jane Seymour (who stopped an autograph party for fifteen minutes to talk about dyslexia with Andrea when she was 7 and really feeling picked on in school) and to Donald Winkler, who took time from his job as CEO of Ford Motor Credit to write Andrea encouragement. Thanks are due to all of the teachers she had who realized what they were dealing with, and how bright she really is. Especially, over the past couple of years to Ms. Billie Cassidy, the Culinary Arts teacher at Kaneland High School, who is a brilliant teacher and a good friend and encourager. Thanks are due to her mother and I, who fought for her, did her homework sometimes, and generally alternated between encouragement and a big heavy stick. Thanks to her friends, not least to Sarah and Dan Hoyt's Eldest Offspring, for giving her the encouragement she needed to persevere.

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Whats she wanna do now?

She's going to community college for two years, and then to the big college wherever. She thinks she wants to do hospitality management and culinary arts.

Super congrats! With Katie's stuff she has to deal with, we do understand what a victory it is to have your child do her best, and for her best to give her wings to fly.

Tell Andrea we said Great Job!

Well done, Andrea! :)

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