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The Big Yellow Book

Seeing the World from Both Oculars-- a Bananaslug's Journal

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Blogstorm for Jim Baen's Universe
We want you! If you're a blogger, read this:

Want a Free Sample of Jim Baen's Universe?

Are you a blogger? Do you have an established blog?

Would you write a review of Jim Baen's Universe in
your blog?

We are offering a free copy of Issue
to bloggers who agree to post an online review
by June 30. This issue contains Mike Resnick's
Hugo-nominated story, "All the Things You Are" as well
as stories by Gregory Benford and Gene Wolfe.

Here's how this deal works:

1--You send an email to blogstorm@baensuniverse.com
with your email address and the URL where you'll post
the review.

2--We email you a copy of Issue 3 (PDF and HTML

3--You promise to post a review by June 30 2007.

4--We link to your blog.

There is no requirement that the review be positive
(although we can hope it is), only that it be posted.
We would like it to contain a link to the Baen's
Universe homepage, too.

This offer is open to everyone, so feel free to spread
the word.

Best regards,

Eric Flint
Editor in Chief
Jim Baen's Universe magazine