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The Big Yellow Book

Seeing the World from Both Oculars-- a Bananaslug's Journal

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Luuuuuucy! 'Splain this to me!
Apparently, the United States government has outlawed Vegemite. I am assuming that it is also outlawing its somewhat less vile English cousin, Marmite.

It appears that Vegemite (and Marmite) contain folate, a B-group vitamin. According to a report in the Geelong, Aus., Advertiser, the vitamin, "which is used by the body to make new cells, can only be added to bread and cereals."

The newspaper reports that an Australian couple were searched for Vegemite as they entered the United States from Canada into Montana.

"We went down to Montana and were crossing the border, they searched everybody's car as they do and after they searched asked if we were carrying any Vegemite," the newspaper reports Daniel Fogarty as saying.

Granted that Vegemite is noxious and even those who are born in Australia often can't stand the stuff, still, it seems to this observer that anybody willing to eat the stuff ought to be encouraged to do so, even if it only is to decrease the gene pool.

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The more attention I pay to politics, the more I see Federal Government doing things that the authors of the Federalist Papers said even the worst of tyrants wouldn't deign to bother with. I'd be tempted to ask where we went wrong, but I already know the answer: when Americans quit paying much attention to politics.

There's no ban on Vegemite. The article that orginally proclaimed that it was has been removed from the Web. It is no longer searchable.



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