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The Big Yellow Book

Seeing the World from Both Oculars-- a Bananaslug's Journal

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Sarah Hoyt's great new novel: Draw One in the Dark
Sarah Hoyt has given me permission to post the first hundred pages of her new novel Draw One in the Dark, which comes out from Baen Books in November.

This is the first real new take on shapeshifting in years. If you suddenly found yourself in the shape of an animal, and you had no idea what was going on, wouldn't you think you were crazy?

Here's a teaser, and a link:

The following is a sneak peak at Draw One In The Dark, a novel coming from Baen Books in November. The following pages are being provided for promotional purposes only and right to copy and distribute is granted for promotional purposes only. Any alteration to the text will be held as violation of copyright.

© 2006 Sarah Hoyt

Draw One In The Dark
Sarah A. Hoyt

The July night sprawled, warm and deep blue over Goldport, Colorado. In the distance the mountains were little more than suspicions of deeper darkness, a jagged outline where no stars appeared.

Most of Goldport was equally dark, from its slumbering suburbs to the blind silence of its downtown shops. Only the streetlights shone, at intervals, piercing the velvet blackness like so many stars.

At the edge of the western suburbs that climbed -- square block after square block -- into the lower slopes of the Rockies, the neon sign outside a Chinese Restaurant flickered. Three Luck Dragon flared, faded, then flared again and finally turned off completely.

A hand with nails that were, perhaps, just a little too long turned over a sign that hung on the window, so that the word closed faced the parking lot.

After a while, a sound broke the silence. A flapping, noise, as though of sheets unfurling in the silent night. Or perhaps of large wings beating. Descending.

Had anyone been awake, he’d have seen a large, dark creature – serpentine and thin – with vast unfolding wings descend from the night sky till his huge taloned feet met the asphalt. It closed its wings about itself and waited.

It did not wait long. From alleys and darkened streets, people emerged: teenagers, in tight jeans and t-shirts, looking nervous, sidling out of the shadows, glancing over their shoulders as if afraid of being followed. From yet other alleys ... creatures emerged: long, sinuous, in moist glistening colors between green and
blue. They slid, monstrous heads low to the ground, curved fangs like daggers unsheathed in the moonlight. And sometimes dragons seemed to shift to naked teenagers and back again. In and out of the shadows, knit with walls and garbage bins, slithering along the hot cement of the pavements came young men who were dragons and dragons who were nervous young men.

They gathered in front of the Great Sky Dragon. And waited.

Read more....

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Wow...it does sound like Sarah has a nice new take on a tired old subject. I think I'd like this one.

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