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The Big Yellow Book

Seeing the World from Both Oculars-- a Bananaslug's Journal

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L.A. Con IV-- Worldcon 2006
This was my first Worldcon...I could have made it to Chicon, or ConJose, but didn't. This time I made it because I had to work the Jim Baen's Universe con suite. We had tons of traffic. At Worldcons, you get to meet lots of interesting people. I saw heroes and icons of my youth in science fiction, like Jerry Pournelle, who I got to talk to at Jim Baen's Wake Saturday night, and James P. Hogan, who came to the JBU suite and chatted with me about Immanuel Velikovsky and the structure of scientific revolutions. The very cool Mr. Mike Resnick took advantage of me (quite willingly on my part, I might add) and made me buy some books (such chutzpah the man has) but I also got to meet Janis Ian, whose music and whose stand on DRM I have long admired.

David Hartwell bravely requested that Jim Baen be given the Editor Hugo next year, and a long injustice was redressed when Peter S. Beagle (who is one of the good people of this earth) received the Hugo.

One of these days Joss Whedon (who also worked as story editor on the old Rosanne show) will show up in person to pick up a science fiction award. One of these days we'll see the heat death of the universe, too.

Howard Tayler of SchlockMercenary was there, and spent lots of time in the JBU con suite.

And I met a new friend, one of Eric Flint's old friends, Stoney Compton, who has a new novel called Russian Amerika coming out from Baen in April of 2007. I've read it, and it is good. So y'all need to go buy it. Pre-order it on Amazon as soon as it is available there, so it will drive the wholesale orders up. Stoney deserves it.

And now a word about Harlan Ellison. His entirely inappropriate insult to the late Virginia Heinlein ("Bite me, Bitch!") should cause him to break out in hives. May he have erectile disfunction for the rest of his admittedly short-statured life. When I came in the hotel at the Nebula Awards Weekend earlier this year, I was wondering who the little old Jewish woman shuffling into the hotel ahead of me was...turned out it was Harlan. Harlan gets away with a lot, but insulting a very nice lady who happens to be dead and not able to fight back just sucks, and he should be ashamed. He won't be, but he should.

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I've never understood how people can even like Harlan Ellison's work (I always end up being bored with any book of his I try to read). Now, we get this crap from him. Hopefully something will teach the egomaniacal bastage a lesson in this life. But, it will probably have to wait for whatever happens to him in the afterlife.

Ginny can't be touched by things like this

She is as far away from Harlan by every possible measure as she can be.

She was one of the smartest, most accomplished women I ever met. If there's someone I ever aspired to imitate, she was it.

Harlan is Harlan.

The future will judge them both.


Re: Ginny can't be touched by things like this

No, of course not, Sarah, but _I_ can be touched by the slime dripping down her statue in the halls of my memory. I only met Mrs. Heinlein once, and I thought she was gracious and kind. I suppose I ought to consider that he is including one of the Master's stories in his new TV series proof of how he really feels.

about your site

Nice info, big thx.

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