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The Big Yellow Book

Seeing the World from Both Oculars-- a Bananaslug's Journal

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You might be a racist if...
From Tom (Genghis) Kratman, on Baen's Bar:

1. If you believe that general intelligence exists, is heritable and at all testable for, you're a racist.
2. If you point out that liberal philosophies and programs intended to have a good impact have had a disproportionately bad impact on the ethnicities targeted by liberals, you're a racist.
3. If you notice that other cultures have some problems, you're a racist.
4. If you notice your own culture has had some successes, you're a racist.
5. If you try to identify subcultural problems, you're a racist. If the problems existed or got worse under liberalism, see item 2, above.
6. If you're mainstream American culture, and don't hate that culture, you're a racist.
7. If you're capable of noting unpleasant facts about subcultures and discussing them without your brain fogging, you're a racist.
8. If you won't kowtow and grovel as soon as someone accuses you of racism for one of the reasons above, you're a hopeless racist.
9. If you do not believe that mankind is a tabula rasa for liberals to make whatever they think would be good to make of man, this week, you're a racist.
10. If you don't take personal responsibility for all the evils of slavery, you're a racist. This is true even if you only arrived from Poland last week.
11. If you're white, you're a racist.
12. If you're white and just arrived from Poland last week and don't accept that you're a racist, you're a racist.
13. If you try to interject logical thought into a discussion of culture, you're a racist.
14. If you refuse to admit culture is a racial matter, and a liberal wants to conflate the two, you're a racist.
15. If you believe that race and culture are indistinguishable and a liberal decides that you shouldn't conflate the two, you're a racist.
16. If you believe that black or hispanic girls who are paid by liberal inspired programs from the age of 13 to have babies will have babies, you're a racist.
17. If you believe that _any_ girls of whatever color who are paid to have babies will then have babies but then, insensitively, observe that a smaller percentage of white girls do, you're a racist.
18. If it doesn't bother you that the truth offends liberals, you're a racist.
19. If your name is Tom Kratman and you write and in your writing your heroes and heroines tend to be from minorities while your villains are white liberals, you're still a racist.
20. If you read The Bell Curve, you're a racist. On the other hand, if you didn't read it but wrote a scathing review on Amazon anyway you might not be a racist provided you take personal responsibility for 300 years of slavery even if you just arrived from Poland last week.


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Ah, yes; definitely Col. Tom at his finest. Thanks for that.

Wry smile. Actually the most irritating thing is the conflation of terms. I'm a liberal - as in my view was Samuel Adams, Abraham Lincoln (the founder of the republican party :-)) as - viewed against wider world backdrop, are the vast bulk of americans and western civilization are (we don't use children as human shields or declare women to be second class citizens. Soft. liberal.) with the exception of a few nutters in the American Nazi party, and the neo-fascist left or neo-left fascists if you prefer. That's what IMO he (and probably themselves) are calling 'liberal'. All I can say is that I have been called a racist for my beliefs in the equality of all men before the law, and the idea that all men are equally responsible for their own behavior. If those things have me called a racist, I am proud to be called that.

Intelligence as heritable: Does that mean I have to be as stupid as my parents? More stupid? Can I be less stupid than them? If intelligence is heritable, to what extent is it heritable? Were the people who wanted to neuter "stupid people" correct? At what cutoff point is that action defendable?

Truth offending liberals: Would that be a truth like the one that Prohibition actually achieved its original goal - that of decreasing alcohol-driven violence against wives and offspring? Or like the one that the War On Poverty efforts actually achieved their original goals, having such a vast impact on American society that poverty itself had to be redefined? Or like the one that desegregation of the Army actually worked and actually drove class change in the outside society?

Or are we talking about a "truth" like the one fervently defended by several people of my acquaintance, that "partial birth abortion" kills viable infants in their last month of gestation?

Other cultures having flaws: you mean like the "liberal" opposition to the treatment of women, ethnic minorities, and religious minorities in, well, all of Africa, all of the Near East, most of the Far East, and central and south America?

Our culture having successes: for example, the vast improvement in the lot of women over the last forty years, leading to a steep drop in the number of men killed by their wives? (Although not, alas, the converse.) Like the unprecedented levels of literacy at all levels of society? Like the fact that we have been able to redefine "malnutrition" as "empty calories" as compared with the older and more lethal "insufficient calories"?

I am aware that I am a receiver of stolen goods. I am aware that I am receiver of reserved benefits.

I don't feel guilty about this. I feel responsible to diminish the effects of my forebears' actions - and by forebears here I mean all the nonrelatives who ensured that I, and not others, received these benefits - on the descendents of those from whom those goods were stolen, and from whom those benefits were denied by law.

I act on that responsibility every day, without the least bit of breast-beating (which, with breasts like mine, would really hurt), and with a great deal of success.

A brief history of the origin and theorized function of the Intelligence Quotient test might not come amiss. If that information is desired, I could dig it up.

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