bigbananaslug (bigbananaslug) wrote,

From the department of "What did you think he would say?"

Dan Quayle Leaves Bush-Bashing Concert

Former Vice President Dan Quayle walked out of a John Mellencamp concert in Nevada this weekend after the performer took a verbal shot at President George W. Bush.

Quayle, who served as vice president from 1989-93 with Bush’s father, President George H.W. Bush, left the concert after Mellencamp dedicated his rendition of "Walking Tall” to "everyone hurt by the policies of the current Bush administration,” according to the San Jose Mercury News.

Quayle immediately left the concert. He later said through a publicist, "Well, I think Mellencamp’s performance was not very good to begin with, and the comment put it over the top.”

Well, Jesus, Dan, didn't you know the Ol' Cougar's politics before you went to the concert?

I guess Quayle really is as dumb as the old Murphy Brown show depicted him to be.

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