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The Big Yellow Book

Seeing the World from Both Oculars-- a Bananaslug's Journal

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Automation is not an excuse for stupidity...
Some woeful idiot has come up with another brilliant way to make the firearm industry hurt...this bright soul has decided that if the munitions manufacturers were required to individually serialize bullets that it would be too expensive to buy ammunition.

Another "couldn't buy a clue if it was on sale" idiot.

First, it would cost virtually nothing to do it, and it could be done extremely quickly. If the industry wanted to make some money on it, they could add one cent to the price of every bullet. Big hairy deal.

Once again, however, it shows the lack of training in elementary logic in schools in our nation has seriously hurt both the education system and the political process.

I've given up trying to argue/debate with my daughter, who is nearly 17, over politics, because she can't follow a logical argument. I'm trying to make up for what the school didn't give her, but it is hard.

It is a simple problem in logic to note that the passing of MORE laws about guns has not reduced the problem of gun violence, and therefore a reasonable conclusion would be that it is not going to work any better to continue passing more laws.

Oh, well.

It isn't true that I only post here when I am pissed off about something. It just seems like it.