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The Big Yellow Book

Seeing the World from Both Oculars-- a Bananaslug's Journal

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The Ditzie Chicks
Redneck Famous Last Words: "Hey, looky this!"

We've seen the Dixie Chicks famous last words, I think. Natalie Maines and her two cohorts just can't keep their mouths shut about how right they are, and how wrong their entire audience is.

Once again, Maines escalated her war against her audience, by whining, "I don't understand patriotism."

I don't care what her politics are. I don't agree with her, but as the patriot said, "I will die for your right to say it." She has every right to say what she wants. However she seems to think that the right to say it also confers immunity from the results of her actions.

She complains bitterly (and in her latest single) about the fans keeping away and how the other country stars are wrapping themselves in the flag.

It's true that some stars have written and performed very patriotic songs and videos. It is also true that some of the very same stars (Toby Keith) for example, have said they don't agree with the war. And it is also true that Toby has spent almost every holiday since 2002 in either Afghanistan or Iraq, performing (sometimes in body armor) at forward fire bases (where he can easily get his ass shot off). "I may not agree with the war," he says, "but I will support our troops."

But the real ironic thing is how dumb the Ditzie Chicks are about the business they are in. Most of their audience doesn't agree with their stand on the war ("It is evil, unnecessary and immoral!") or the president ("He's dumb. I am embarrassed to be from Texas. Most Americans are embarrassed that he's the president!") and their audience ("We would like to move to the pop music scene where people agree with us.").

Now, a bluegrass trio just isn't going anywhere but the bluegrass and country music market. They'd have to completely change their sound, the instruments they play, and maybe have brain transplants.

So, for the second time, they've p*ssed off their audience to the point that radio stations have again stopped playing their songs, venues are cancelling their current tour (it was doing badly in most places anyway, with more than half the seats going unsold), and their audience is getting tired of this.

In a business sense, there is a reason why the Dixie Chicks' career is cratering, and Toby Keith's is not. Toby may not agree with his audience politically in all ways (he's a registered Democrat) but he sure isn't going to rub his politics in their faces.

It is something their business manager should have tried to put a stop to. Natalie, please just shut up and play!


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Some people just can't be protected from an inate desire to be stupid.

Some people, you shouldn't even bother trying.

Here in Berkeley on the Huron (well, OK, as close as Michigan gets), their CD sales seem to be doing well. Lots of folks who buy Al Franken (and try to re-shelve Ann Coulter in the Mythology section when we're not looking) snapped up their latest CD; at one point, we were taking reservations on the next few copies to arrive.

Maybe it's a flash in the pan. Or maybe all it takes for some folks is to become infamous for agreeing with them politically.

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