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The Big Yellow Book

Seeing the World from Both Oculars-- a Bananaslug's Journal

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Prom, Pain, and the Nebula Awards...
I've been running very hard. Last Saturday was Prom Night andreaprom and it really hit home to me that my little girl is a grown up woman. She'll be 18 in September.

The next day I bleeried to the airport at 0 dark 30, and slept to San Francisco, where I spent the afternoon with my sister, her husband and son, my only nephew, who I hadn't seen in person in about three years. I suddenly began to feel really sick, and we cut the visit short. By 9 AM on May day, I was in the hospital with a UTI. Pain. Thank God for the wonderdrug, Levaquin, and the magic vicodin. All better by Wednesday, just in time to fly down to Phoenix to see Honeywell and get ready to go to the 2006 Nebula Awards.

Went to the cocktail party at the Nebulas, and didn't see anybody whose name or face I recognized. Lu and Eric Flint and I sat outside on the other side of the hotel and drank seltzer and talked RoW universe and the immigration crisis, and how the Boot on Your Neck party is blowing smoke.

Now here's the funny part. I got back to my hotel today after a morning of meetings, and walked into another SF Con.
LepReCon is being held at the hotel I decided to stay at in Phoenix when I found out what it would cost me to stay in Tempe. Honeywell gave me a terrific discount at this hotel, and I was shocked that I'm staying at one con hotel and commuting 30 miles to another.

And for something equally funny. I have known David Kaufmann at Honeywell for quite a while. He came into a meeting room yesterday and was looking at me very funny. "You get your hair cut at the West Aurora Barber Shop, don't you," he accused. "Yes, why..." I was really floundering. "My dad cut your hair...I recognize the haircut."

Whew. Life goes on.


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For some reason, when your post shows up, the picture is covering part of the text. Very nice photo of Andrea, BTW. Congratulations on her graduation!

Beautiful daughter you and Betsy have :)

Grin. My son still needs a date for his matric farewell. Can you book the flights? Seriously, she looks lovely. And... yes they're growing up. Now spend some time with toddler having a tantrum again. The slight illogic of teens is balm by comparison. We just forget, I reckon Defensive memory:-)

I read the nebs stuff and was actually amazed at how few people I did know attending. Still, I know Sarah Hoyt was supposed to be there too.

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