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Public Service Announcement!
From Rick Boatright, Baen's Universe Head Geek:

"At about 10:00 AM eastern time Friday, April 28 2006 a massive bot-net driven distributed denial of service attack was begun on a web site hosted at Peak10, the co-location facility where and and and are all hosted."

Apparently, this DNS attack is aimed at an anti-Islamic-terrorist website.

"Sadly," Boatright continued,"the target of the terrorists was a machine in the same /20 as our server, and that entire /20 has been nullrouted. A team of network support people from several backbone ISP's are re-programming the routers and the DNS is being updated for our sites. All should be well 'soon.'"

"In the mean time and are unaffected, as is since they are in an entirely different class A ip range."

"So, go buy a copy of the magazine and go enjoy yourself RIGHT NOW...."


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