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The Big Yellow Book

Seeing the World from Both Oculars-- a Bananaslug's Journal

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Public Service Announcement!
From Rick Boatright, Baen's Universe Head Geek:

"At about 10:00 AM eastern time Friday, April 28 2006 a massive bot-net driven distributed denial of service attack was begun on a web site hosted at Peak10, the co-location facility where www.baensuniverse.com and ericflint.net and riversofwar.com and 1632.org are all hosted."

Apparently, this DNS attack is aimed at an anti-Islamic-terrorist website.

"Sadly," Boatright continued,"the target of the terrorists was a machine in the same /20 as our server, and that entire /20 has been nullrouted. A team of network support people from several backbone ISP's are re-programming the routers and the DNS is being updated for our sites. All should be well 'soon.'"

"In the mean time www.baens-universe.com and preview.baens-universe.com are unaffected, as is baensuniverse.ashopcart.com since they are in an entirely different class A ip range."

"So, go buy a copy of the magazine and go enjoy yourself RIGHT NOW...."