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Back again...back again...clippety clop!
I haven't been here for a while...been really busy. Just to let you all know, Jim Baen's Universe continues to be a tremendous success. The preview edition of the first volume is now available at We are posting snippets, including audio snippets of the stories there, and occasionally the entire version of one of the stories, so check back regularly for them.

In other news, I am undergoing surgery tomorrow (4/5/2006) to remove a lump in my tongue. You'll see me more here, becaused I won't be able to talk!!! That's right, Walt Boyes will be enforced to silence. Tell the newspapers! Call the 6 PM news.

We are hoping that the lump is nothing, and your prayers, good thoughts, or eating the Mighty Muffin or whatever you do to wish somebody well, are solicited.


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Good thoughts!!

Will you be on a liquid diet for a while?

Liquid Diet

I suppose so...too bad it won't be my 20 year old MacAllan.

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