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The Big Yellow Book

Seeing the World from Both Oculars-- a Bananaslug's Journal

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Westminster Kennel Club-- why I am not a judge
I am fanatically interested in two dog breeds, both Welsh Corgis. Pembrokes, the ones without the tail that the Queen of England has, are descended from spitz-like dogs, while their cousins, the Cardiganshire corgis, are actually tekel dogs more closely related to dachshunds than to spitz dogs. Despite some interbreeding in previous years, they are entirely different breeds of small dogs (cor-gi in Welsh is "small cur"). Both are herding dogs, and barnyard dogs. They are great family dogs. We have three Pembrokeshire corgis at the moment...and I intend to get a Cardiganshire dog one of these days.

So, I played the streaming videos of the Cardigan breed judging and the Pembroke breed judging back and forth yesterday, as soon as they were posted. I do NOT see what the Cardigan judge saw.BOB Cardigans WKC2006 I saw other dogs I would have put up higher than the winner and Harry P., who took best of opposite. Harry P. looked like he'd gotten very fat since last year, and just wasn't in the performance at all. There was a little blue bitch that I thought was a dream...and she didn't get nit.

And as far as Pembrokes are concerned,Pembroke BOB WKC2006 the judge did a great job. I thought I saw Deb Shindle's winning Pembroke at the Lakeshore Specialty in Chicago last fall...and she didn't win there. Maybe I'm confused, but she sure was a class act yesterday in the Garden.
BIS at WKC 2006
And three cheers for Rufus the bullie. He's a great dog, and maybe his win will do a lot to defuse the hysteria about bull terriers.

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Heeheehee! When did the Queen of England grow a tail?


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