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Baen's Universe February Newsletter...
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Baen's Universe February Newsletter

It's only a month until we premier the e-arc version of the magazine for early subscribers. Please be watching your email for the announcement and address.

Many subscribers have asked how to reach their downloadable books. There's a new DOWNLOADS link off the Universe home page. We hope this helps.

A few reminders for our Universe Club Members. If you want to claim your webscriptions months or e-arcs just email us at and we'll take care of it for you. We will need your webscriptions registered email address and webscriptions user-id (but not your password), in addition to a list of whatever books or months you want.

We will be shipping out Universe Club mugs and totes "soon." (Probably during March.) Be looking for the announcement that your goodies are in the mail.

Also, we would like to take this opportunity to announce two more popular authors who will be writing stories for universe. Everyone give a big welcome to Mike Resnick and Jo Walton!

If you have a blog or web site and haven't taken advantage of the Universe Affiliates program, why not? We've mailed out checks for January commissions to our first affiliates. You could be getting a check from Universe too! Why wait? Details at http://www.baensuniverse/Link2us.html .

More when we have it. As always, please check the Editorial Board Blog for Universe at http://www.baensuniverse/edblog for the latest, especially the newest actions by Radical Militant Librarians!

Thanks for your support!

Eric Flint and the Universe team

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