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The Big Yellow Book

Seeing the World from Both Oculars-- a Bananaslug's Journal

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The Philosophy of Baen's Universe, or Whatinhell are we doing this for? Part 2

Baen’s UNIVERSE, 2nd post: What’s coming up

This post is going to be a lot shorter than the first one, for two reasons.

First, I’m tired of writing sales pitches. It’s not really my sub-genre of choice, believe it or not.

Secondly – oh, joy – the contents of this post pretty much speaks for itself.

I said in my earlier post what we were already getting a very favorable response from authors. If you thought I was huckstering, here are the authors who will be appearing in the first three issues of the magazine.

These are the well-established authors, mind you. In addition, there will be lots of brand new writers and ones who haven’t (so far) becomes known to many fans.

VOLUME 1 (June, 2006)

Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson
Dave Drake
Gregory Benford
Charlie Stross
Gene Wolfe
David Brin
Julie Czerneda
John Barnes
Sarah Zettel
Elizabeth Bear
Dave Freer
S. Andrew Swann
Christopher Anvil

VOLUME 2 (August, 2006)

Dave Weber
John Ringo
David Brin
Cory Doctorow
Catherine Asaro
Barry Malzberg
L. E. Modesitt, Jr.
Esther Friesner
Joe R. Lansdale

The first two volumes are pretty well filled up, and we’re well into filling up the third volume. So far, volume three has:

VOLUME 3 (October, 2006)

John Ringo
David Brin
Gregory Benford
Kristine Smith
K.D. Wentworth
Dave Freer
Louise Marley

I’m hoping we’ll get another story from Gene Wolfe for this volume, as well as another one from John Barnes. If not, I’m sure they’ll be appearing in later issues.

Okay, enough. Like I said, “speaks for itself.” So I’m going to move on to my next post, which explains how we’ll be selling subscriptions and what you’ll get for them.