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The Big Yellow Book

Seeing the World from Both Oculars-- a Bananaslug's Journal

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Dueling Spam Filters: Spy vs Spy!
Here's something I find hilarious. Dueling spam filters between me and Preditors and Editors.

The following mail looked too much like spam and is being returned unread.

If it was not spam, please forward this mail to SpamReturn@tech-soft.com
with "ID=8502-529" in the Subject: line to redeliver this mail.

So sorry for the hassle, but you know how much spam there is, and this is
better than just dropping the mail entirely. :-) Thanks.

(If the recipient agrees this is legitimate, they can add your address
to their not-spam list so you won't have to do this again.)

This is regarding the following mail you sent:


Subject: Re: Preditors & Editors Readers' poll vote

To: predpoll@critique.org


This is an automatic reply to your email message to wboyes@ix.netcom.com

Message from Walt: This email address is protected by EarthLink spamBlocker. Your email message has been redirected to a "suspect email" folder for wboyes@ix.netcom.com. In order for your message to be moved to this recipient's Inbox, he or she must add your email address to a list of allowed senders. In self-defense, I've had to invoke a high level of anti-spam protection. Your email is important to me, and I check my "suspect email" folder several times a day. Do not worry, I will read your message.


Walt Boyes

Click the link below to request that wboyes@ix.netcom.com allow email from you.