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The Big Yellow Book

Seeing the World from Both Oculars-- a Bananaslug's Journal

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More Preditors and Editors Poll...
I decided to write to Dr. Andrew Burt, the founder of the Critters SF Writing Workshop, big dog in SFWA, and the instigator of the P&E Poll. Here's what I asked him:

Dr Burt,

I find it fascinating that you have missed some significant SF and Fantasy novels published in 2005 in your nominations.

For an unexhaustive example,

"The Rivers of War" by Eric Flint
"A Mankind Witch" by David Freer
"Music to My Sorrow" by Misty Lackey and Rosemary Edghill
"Crystal Soldier" by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
"A Brother's Price" by Wen Spenser
"The Eternity Artifact" by L. E. Modesitt, Jr.
"The Hallowed Hunt" by Lois McMaster Bujold

Did your nominating committee miss these major works, or did you all NOT nominate them for any specific reason?

I have a great deal of difficulty imagining your poll as meaningful if significant candidates are missing from the nomination form, regardless of the fact that there exists a write-in.

This enquiring mind wants to know...


Walt Boyes

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P&E Poll

The Preditors & Editors (TM) Readers Poll was established in 1997 by Preditors & Editors (P&E). At that time, it utilized a manual count and received votes by email. About three or four years later, Dr. Burt answered the call to provide a program that would automatically receive the votes and would let voters nominate their favorites published during the past year. This was necessary because the poll was becoming firmly established and was anticipated by numerous readers, authors, and publishers. As well, it was growing in scope.

Since the poll permits voters to nominate the entries, candidates are certain to be missing. This means that even those works considered major face an equal chance of being included or excluded based upon the preferences of those individuals who participate in the nominating (essentially a write in vote that then gets added to the list) and regular voting process. In other words, no published work gets a free seed into the competition.

Dave Kuzminski, Editor
Preditors & Editors (TM)

Thanks, Dave, for replying. Dr. Burt also replied to me privately, and explained what was going on, and I just haven't had time to post his reply, which I will do shortly. Today even.

So, dammit, if you all like good science fiction, fantasy and other categories, go to the P&E poll and nominate, nominate, nominate.

And as the father of the current Chicago mayor used to say, "Vote early, and vote often!"


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