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The Big Yellow Book

Seeing the World from Both Oculars-- a Bananaslug's Journal

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Apalling Article from the Wall Street Journal
From today's Wall Street Journal...

High-End Mutts Sit Up and Beg For a Little Respect

Labradoodles and Morkies Fetch Purebred Prices; Kennel Club Shoos Them

December 24, 2005; Page A1

With her silky coat and full repertoire of tricks, Roxie could be a contender for one of the canine world's top prizes, the coveted Best in Show ribbon at the Westminster Kennel Club competition. There's just one problem: her ancestors.

Roxie's not a purebred, she's a mutt. She is part of a growing segment of hybrids, in this case, a popular cross between a Labrador and a poodle known as a Labradoodle. Her owner, Krista Waitz of Orlando, Fla., is pushing for dogs like Roxie to compete with purebreds despite their mixed lineage. "We're in for the long haul," she says. "We're not giving up."

It's one of the biggest controversies in the canine world. Now that pricey "designer" dogs with names like the Giant Schnoodle (Giant Schnauzer/poodle) or the Morkie (Maltese/Yorkshire terrier) are trotting into homes around the country, their owners are demanding entree into the canine elite -- and getting pushed out like junkyard dogs at a society ball.


I am apalled. I've known about these designer dogs, anybody who is active in dog rescue knows. The problems they are producing for decent dog breeders are astonishing. It is like the entire pet creating industry is playing right into the hands of the HSUS, Doris Day Animal Welfare League and ::ptoooeeey:: PeTA.

These organizations and their evil (and I use the word advisedly) leaders are working to make it impossible for legitimate breeders involved in the sport of dogs and cats (and ferrets and birds and rabbits, etc.) to operate, while making it easier for megabreeders like the Hunte Corporation to succeed. PeTA and others of their ilk (terrorist organizations, all) are dedicated to the idea that companion animals should not exist.

The same people who let thousands of mink out of cages and let them die terrible deaths instead of humane ones, are the ones running PeTA and the other animal rights organizations.

A pox on them.

They are one with the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, to whom I say, "Go ahead, you first!"